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EmployIndy guides the local workforce ecosystem and makes strategic investments to remove barriers to quality employment for underserved and underrepresented residents. The vision for EmployIndy is clear: for all Marion County residents to have access to services and training necessary to secure a livable wage and grow in a career that meets employer demand for talent.

Position Summary
The primary focus of this position is to ensure accurate data entry and reporting of services provided through all EmployIndy funded programs. The Manager of Information Systems is expected to prepare and deliver technical assistance for data entry to the users of all case management/labor exchange systems and CRM systems and to ensure adherence to the policies of EmployIndy and all federal, state and local programs administered by or funded through EmployIndy. The Manager will also coordinate with EmployIndy staff, service providers, vendors, and state workforce development staff to ensure appropriate collection of participant data for programs and provide guidance in developing appropriate procedures for the reporting of client services provided.

Primary Functions and Responsibilities
• Provide technical assistance on data entry into case management/labor exchange and CRM systems
• Partner with internal EmployIndy departments to communicate system changes and updates
• Recommend enhancements to data systems and process flow of data
• Determine effect of changes in program policies and federal guidance on local procedures and communicate to staff
• Train individuals within our ecosystem on various data entry and federal data capture requirements
• Assist in architecting reports, indicating trends, performance, and scorecard data from all systems
• Assist in preparation and on-site activities to streamline monitoring
• Leverag relational data techniques
• Identify patterns within data that create a message of how we can better serve Marion County
• Participate in the mission of articulating stories that emerge from the data
• Access and modify set up of various systems to align to program requirements

Education and Qualifications
• Bachelor's Degree or a minimum of five years on the job experience required
• Previous program experience required
• Experience reviewing and analyzing data in information systems; specifically, as it relates to state, federal and philanthropic funding streams and case management systems associated to those funds
• Responsibility and experience developing long term policies that support and enhance internal and/or external procedures
• Knowledge of publicly funded workforce development programs and case management systems: WIOA and WP (Indiana Career Connect) and YES (ETO)
• Must have Salesforce Administrator experience and ability to query and manipulate the Salesforce platform to adjust to reporting requirements
• Excellent communication skills with strong ability to effectively present to various stakeholders
• Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions using statistical software and analysis including Excel, Access, and Tableau
• Understand and ensure data integrity of case management systems and statistical extracts
• Philosophical agreement with the goals and objectives of EmployIndy

This position has been closed and is no longer available.


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