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CNA - West Indy

Purpose: The Certified Nursing Assistant is a member of the health care team who
works under the supervision of a licensed nurse to perform basic nursing
care tasks as assigned.

1. Must be Certified Nursing Assistant or in a State recognized and approved
training program to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.
2. If actively on State registry must be without any findings.
3. If certified in a State other than Indiana, must be registered to take the applicable
State Nursing Assistant certification exam.
4. Must have the ability to read, write and follow written instructions and document
care given.
5. Have the desire to care for people, especially those who are elderly and
chronically ill.
6. Must possess a current health certificate/examination required by State agencies.

1. Should demonstrate patience, tact in dealing with residents, families, visitors and
2. Must display good emotional health and is capable of extended periods of
standing, bending and heavy lifting.
3. Capable of following instructions and can complete records under supervision.
4. Ability to move throughout most of the working day and to perform repetitive
lifting and movement of residents.
5. Ability to communicate orally and written.
6. Willingness to work with realization that errors may have serious consequences
for residents.
7. Willingness to perform a variety of simple repetitive tasks, many of which
involve unpleasant conditions.
8. Ability to work under supervision and to cooperate with other staff.

Essential Job Functions:
1. Observe and report any changes in resident's health status to the Charge Nurse on
an ongoing basis.
2. Provide assistance with activities of daily living (i.e., bathing, dressing, oral
hygiene, skin care) according to plan of care.
3. Report to supervisor at the beginning and end of each tour of duty.
4. Attend all in-service education programs required of the nursing assistants.
5. Report to supervisor immediately when observing any unusual or significant
change(s) in a resident's physical or behavioral condition.
6. Document all care given and observations made while giving care.
7. Contact Charge Nurse to report absences, schedule or change lunch or rest breaks,
leave early, change work schedule, initial time sheet, change work station and
resolve job related problems.
8. Bathe residents as instructed. (Encourage each resident to be as independent as
a. Give complete baths at frequency stated in nursing care policies.
b. Give partial bath on days when complete bath is not given.
c. Give bath as necessary to each resident when bed linen and/or clothing is
wet or soiled.
d. Give extra care to the skin of incontinent and bedfast residents, those who
have been sitting in chairs for long periods of time and as instructed.
9. Assist residents to and from chairs and into and out of bed, always using good
body mechanics.
a. Assist with ambulating residents as instructed.
b. Assist with ambulating residents using special devices as instructed.
10. Change positions of bedfast residents at least every two (2) hours, using good
body alignment and anti-contracture devices as instructed.
11. Shave, trim, shampoo and comb hair of residents as instructed.
12. Clean and trim nails (fingers and toes) as instructed. Soak nails before trimming.
(Excluding diabetic residents).
13. Assist residents with oral hygiene as instructed.
14. Toilet residents as needed.
15. Clean and store equipment and personal care items. When caring for a resident,
you are responsible for keeping the room clean and in good order (including
making beds and cleaning mattresses).
16. Observe all infection control procedures as instructed.
17. Pass clean water pitchers, glasses and ice water as scheduled. Each resident is to
have an individual pitcher with a lid unless otherwise instructed.
18. Meal service (staff shall encourage each resident to be as independent as
a. Assist residents to designated eating areas.
b. Serve food trays, feed and assist those needing assistance as instructed.
c. Report to your supervisor any change in resident's appetite. Monitor all
diabetics carefully.
d. Accurately record meal intake on designated record.
e. Provide residents with post-meal grooming as needed and clean dining
areas after meal service as instructed.
19. Treat all residents with dignity, kindness and respect.
20. Every call light and alarm is yours to answer promptly and courteously. Consider
each light an emergency until answered.
21. Pass nourishments and snacks to residents as assigned and report to nurse those
who refuse.
22. Obtain weights and heights as scheduled.
23. Properly apply, release and document restraints as instructed.
24. Provide range of motion to residents as instructed during a.m. and p.m. care.
25. Ensure privacy is afforded to the resident.
26. Accurately record intake and output as instructed.
27. Position all resident's tubings and bags as instructed.
28. Wash hands before and after providing direct resident care.
29. Provide proof of annual Nurse Aide Registry renewal.

Other Job Functions:
1. Functions within the limits of own experience and knowledge and practices safely
and competently within the job description.
2. Complies with all Federal and State regulatory requirements.
3. Implement the resident's care plan as assigned by the supervisor.
4. Receive and complete resident care assignments and other activities as assigned.
5. Seek assistance of supervisor when unsure of assignment, procedure or situation.
6. Report immediately malfunctioning call lights and other equipment.
7. Participate in meetings and conferences as requested.
8. Responsible for assisting residents in care for their clothing and personal property.
9. Clean up all spills immediately.
10. Keep information concerning your residents confidential.
11. Support facility philosophy, policies and objectives in carrying out nursing care.
12. Perform other duties as directed by the supervisor or other professional nursing
staff that fall within the scope of practice of the nursing assistant.

This position has been closed and is no longer available.


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