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EmployIndy guides the local workforce ecosystem and makes strategic investments to remove barriers to quality employment for underserved and underrepresented residents. The vision for EmployIndy is clear: for all Marion County residents to have access to services and training necessary to secure a livable wage and grow in a career that meets employer demand for talent.

The Data Analyst position is responsible for navigating large amounts of data from a variety of sources to demonstrate trends and lead to opportunities for the organization to incorporate intel into strategic planning and program improvement. This position will manage pulling and analyzing labor market information for uses across the organization and will support training and assistance with understanding LMI and its strategic uses

This position assists in gathering and cleansing data as well as identifying patterns to providing insights on framework needed for reports and analytics that lead to improvements and adjustments for more robust outcomes. This position provides information across the organization to ensure data capture and retention is perfected for the development. Provide data visualizations utilizing data analytics applications including but not limited to: Tableau, Power BI, and GIS. Knowledge and understanding of data from sources such as Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Census Bureau, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Burning Glass, EMSI, ACS, and/or other sources of labor market information is required. The position will be located at EmployIndy, downtown office, and reports to the Director Research & Analytics.

To be successful in this role you will accomplish:
• Collection of Labor Market intelligence from available internal reports and systems
• Prepares reports of data findings, illustrating data graphically and accompanying findings into written document, PowerPoint, or other data representation tools
• Maintenance of data in the data library as well as documents, templates, or other reusable knowledge assets
• Performing labor market analysis for employers upon request utilizing available systems and resources
• Work with the Director of Research and Analytics to create a cadence of reporting of labor market intelligence to inform Ecosystem team and the organization to inform sharing of information and strategies to engage the right individuals.
• Analysis and extraction of data on clients served through EmployIndy contracts as well as analysis of broad ecosystem trends
• Assists EmployIndy teams in identification of data needs and recommend new reporting (I.e., sector and engagement, financial) in partnership with Director Research & Analytics.
• Assists in the designing and populating data for results-based accountability system and dashboards, as appropriate to ensuring performance indicators for the community are visible to applicable staff
• Development and production of standard or custom reports summarizing business, financial, or economic data ecosystem data for review by management and stakeholder

Organizational Culture
Core Values:
• Empowerment: Management and team members trust one another to make the right decisions.
• Integrity: Staff member does what he/she has committed to doing and is true to him/herself when no one is looking.
• Innovation: Each staff member must take an active role in the process of learning, sharing, and building upon personal as well as team members' ideas.
• Customer Service: Staff members are positive, friendly, helpful, and customer-centric during communications with customers.
• Collaboration: A staff member understands that working together is what causes a company and each team to thrive.
• Inclusive: Staff members promotes a safe, welcoming, and equitable environment where fellow team members can contribute one's authentic self.
• Results-driven: Staff member drives organizational impact by taking the initiative to intentionally prioritize tasks, remove barriers, make thoughtful decisions, and produce results.

• Manage change: Be innovative, display initiative, be willing to take risks, and remain flexible and adaptable in response to a changing work and regulatory environment.
• Plan and organize work: Be able to plan and organize his/her work and the work of others. This involves the ability to analyze problems, reach decisions, make, and implement plans.
• Interface effectively with others: (Interpersonal Skills) Be able to work effectively with others. This involves oral communications, professional relationship building and teamwork.
• Achieve results: Be results oriented and able to achieve goals. This involves a motivation to achieve, an awareness of the business of EmployIndy, a willingness to learn, and a strong customer focus.
• Leadership: Be able to assist other team members in the fulfillment of their duties.

Education and Experience:
• High School diploma required; some college level experience preferred.
• Minimum 1-year experience with LMI or reporting preferred
• Progressive work history with increasing levels of accomplishment required

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
• Results-driven to meet the mission, vision, and goals of EmployIndy and the Research and Strategy team.
• Logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems
• Ability to combine pieces of information to form general rules or conclusions (includes finding a relationship among seemingly unrelated events)
• Identifying the underlying principles, reasons, or facts of information by breaking down information or data into separate parts
• Knowledge and understanding of data from sources such as Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Census Bureau, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Burning Glass, EMSI, ACS, and/or other sources of labor market information is required
• Knowledge of data analytics tools such as Tableau, Power BI, GIS is preferred
• Knowledge of Excel data analysis tool Pak
• Knowledge of CRM, Google Suite, and Microsoft Office Suite systems
• Strong verbal and written communication skills


EmployIndy grants equal opportunity to all qualified persons without regard to race, color, religion, gender, pregnancy, disability, age, national origin, military service obligations, veteran status, citizenship, sexual orientation, or any other category protected by law. EmployIndy provides equal opportunity in wages, promotions, benefits, and all other privileges, terms, and conditions of employment.

This position has been closed and is no longer available.


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